Libby Scarlett is an artist based in the UK.

Her practice is interested in the transformative nature of interaction and lived experience. Flaws/imperfections in communication and encounters are highlighted as sites for potential adjustment or movement. From these, she create sets of circumstances or boundaries to test and explore notions of change and growth.

Attracted and fascinated by rituals, sacred routines and mystical customs: habits that have the potential to alter how you sense or perceive. Sensations that there are no words for: it’s all about how it feels.

Journeys –both inward and outward- are linked strongly to these exercises. Conscious movement. Being understanding and tender to your own and others’ adjustments. There is no one way to live or be.

Coming from a practice that was largely based around book works, Scarlett has previously been concerned with cultivating a connection to her audience that felt one-to-one. Though still concerned with intimacy, her interests and instincts are currently finding more space for experimentation in the mediums of installation and performance.




 2017 :      In Nothing Flat - Old Granada Studios, Manchester   
               Strelnikov's Glasses and Other Stories - HOME, Manchester
               Legacy - Benzie Gallery, Manchester
 2016 :      Warrington Contemporary - The Gallery at Bank Quay House (Studio Tej)
               Microprovocations - Central YMCA, London (Studio Tej)
               Transpire - Islington Mill, Manchester
               The People's Cinema - Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg
               Crossings - Ahvaland, Åland Islands  
               Put Your Feet on the Ground + reading | solo show | - Disposed, Salzburg
               PRESENT003 - Protein Gallery, London
 2015 :      Sheffield International Artist Book Prize Exhibition - Bank Street Arts, Sheffield
               Mit de Data: Source Materials Visualised - New York Center for Book Arts, New York
 2014 :      An Overview of Small Occurrences | solo show | - Women's Studio Workshop, New York
 2013 :      The Reading Room (Parlour Press) - Counter Culture Club, Manchester
               5th International Artist Book Exhibition - King St Stephen Museum, Székesfehérvár
               Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here - New York Center for Book Arts, New York; 
                                                            John Rylands Library, Manchester;
                                                            The Cambridge Arts Council, Massachusetts
 2012 :     Soho Seat | solo show | - Soho Collective, London
              Ideas on a Postcard please (Studio Tej) - Space fiftyfour, London
              European Artist Book Awards (ABOT) - Museum of Decorative Arts, Prague; 
                                                                  International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana
 2011 :      Flaminio (Studio Tej) | solo show | - The Castle, Manchester
              European Artist Book Awards (ABOT) - Museum for Applied Arts (MAK), Vienna
              The Reading Room (Parlour Press) - Lytham St Annes Pier, Blackpool
              Wayzgoose - Sights from the other City, Salford
              The Moment Of Privacy Has Passed - The Usher Gallery, Lincoln
 2010 :     Bibliotherapy Artist’s Book Library tour - various, UK
              Ffotogallery Book Arts (Parlour Press) - Ffotogallery, Penarth
 2009 :    Manchester Art Crawl - The Castle, Manchester



 2017 :     StudioBook - Mark Devereux Projects, Manchester
 2016 :     Ahvaland Artist in Residence - Åland Islands, Finland
              Arts Council England - Artist's International Development Fund Award
              Bundeskanzleramt Österreich Artist in Residence - Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg, Austria
 2014-15 : Women’s Studio Workshop Art-in-Ed Artist book residency and grant, New York, USA
 2012 :     Publication of the year - Think Tank awards
 2011 :     Honourable Mention - European Artist Book Awards
             Hot Bed Press Atist in Residence (Parlour Press), Manchester, UK
             Warrington Arts Grant
 2010 :    The Phil Thomas Foundation Grant
             An Inventory of Northern Extremes - Droog Lab, Amsterdam



 Bank Street Arts (UK) / Bibliotherapy Artist’s Book Library (UK) / Bucknell University (USA) / Cheetham’s Library (UK) / Chelsea  College  of Art (UK) / Fayles Library, NYU (USA) / Franklin Furnace Archive (USA) / Glasgow School of Art (UK) / Harvard  University Fine Art Library (USA) / Iraq National Library (Iraq) / Indiana University (USA) / Library of Congress (USA) /  Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) / MOMA - FF (USA) / New York Public Library / Ohio State University / Rochester  Institute of Technology (USA) / The Library of Congress  (USA) / University of Delaware (USA) / University of Michigan (USA) /  University of Utah (USA) / Vassar College (USA) / Virginia Commonwealth University (USA) / Yale University (USA)