SILENT partner


A one-to-one performance involving a first (potentially romantic) meeting with a stranger, conducted in silence (three of these have been undertaken to date).

Research into Apache Indians’ dating rituals were found to involve weeks or months of meeting romantic partners in silence. Therefore to challenge the norms of modern western dating, a proposal was put to possible partners via a dating app to meet in silence. It was made clear that this was still a “proper” date in terms of finding the other person attractive via the online platform and the few messages exchanged beforehand. They were asked to choose the location of the date as their input. Either party could end the silence at any time. 

The questionnaire is the document of the date, written at the conclusion of silence.



Silence duration:  2 hours 13 minutes

Silent Partner 1.jpg


Silence duration:  when does it end it it never begins?

Silent Partner 2.jpg


Silence duration:  1 hour 4 minutes

Silent Partner 3.jpg